Annual Compost Bin Sale

Compost Bin Sale Items

2021 Sale Overview

NRRA is pleased to offer its annual compost bin sale! You can offer these items for sale to your residents or other folks at purchase cost, OR you can use this as a fundraising opportunity. NRRA can assist groups with providing promotional posters and order form templates.


Why should NRRA municipal members consider participating in this compost bin sale? Food scraps are heavy, and therefore expensive to dispose of as municipal solid waste. Nationwide, food scraps comprise 24% by weight of the material going into our landfills, which makes food scraps the largest single material by weight that we landfill as a country (based on the Environmental Protection Agency's most recent data from 2018). So encouraging your residents to compost could help your community save taxpayer money by decreasing your cost of disposal. In addition, composting food scraps also benefits the environment because food scraps in landfills create methane gas, a powerful greenhouse gas.


PLEASE NOTE - All orders must be made in full pallets.

We are not able to accommodate orders in less than the multiple amounts listed below per pallet (see Product Details & Pricing). All pallets will be direct shipped to their final destination, and all pricing will include shipping.

If you are unable to commit to ordering full pallets, we encourage you to work with another group or town in your area and share the order. Please read all information before placing your order.

All orders will be shipped directly to the location requested.  Our truck will deliver items on pallets and will get the pallet to the end of the truck.  You will need to have the ability to unload the truck (forklift, loading dock, or folks available to assist in unloading).  

If you do not have the ability to unload the pallets off the truck, we can provide that service for a flat $50.00 charge.  Deliveries will be prearranged with you and they will occur approximately between May 13-through May 21, 2021. You will be contacted prior to delivery to coordinate. You will then be able to distribute the orders.


  • April 22, 2021- Earth Day 2021 – FINAL ORDERS ARE DUE TO NRRA.

  • May 13 - May 21, 2021 - All deliveries will be shipped directly to the address you provide and will occur (approximately) between 5/13/2021 - 5/21/2021.

  • NRRA Will invoice you/your organization upon confirmation of delivery of your items. Payment is due upon receipt of your invoice. 

Product Details & Pricing


Final Order Form  -  Final orders are due by April 22, 2021.   Orders must be made in full pallets.

(Upon submission of the above form, you will receive a confirmation of your order)


The above online form is the fastest, easiest way to sign up for our sale.  However, the complete download of the 2021 Compost Bin Sale Packet is available here.  You'll need to download and save it to your computer to print it and fill it out.  If this is your preference, please send completed forms to

(Please disregard the "Intent to Participate" portion of the Compost Bin Sale as we have already passed the deadline of April 8, 2021) - We are now only accepting final orders.